Making wind turbine blade maintenance safe and simple

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At Drones for Work we believe offshore wind is an important step towards a sustainable energy supply. We think it is great that the amount of offshore turbines is growing rapidly.

Unfortunately, maintenance is dangerous and expensive. We see a future where specialized inspection and maintenance drones can be a tool for maintenance workers. This makes their jobs safer and maintenance cheaper.


We create this solution by making a drone with unparalleled stability and control responsiveness, able to operate in the challenging weather conditions at sea. By combining state-of-the-art control theory with a passively stable mechanical design our drone can land and clamp on wind turbine blades. The robotics platform then allows us to perform a wide variety of tasks. Each drone can carry its own specialized sensors or power tools.

Power Output

Increase wind turbine output by keeping the leading edge in top condition


Improve maintenance worker safety by operating safely from a ship, with no need for rope access

Cost Reduction

Reduce maintenance costs through easier logistics, wider operational weather windows and reduced turbine downtime

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