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We believe that the drone industry is on the brink of discovering many potential drone applications. This results in demand for highly customizable and reliable drone control systems to perform advanced tasks. We found manufacturers struggling with reliability on and customizability with the current most used (open-source) control systems, since these contain limitations that cannot viably be worked around. Alternative solutions which provide the complexity and flexibility needed on this level are scarce.

Flying in heavy winds, precise controlled landing on moving objects, carrying robotic payloads which alter the drone’s mass and inertia, require an advanced control system that can adjust to a wide range of circumstances. To unlock the full potential of drones there is a need for a far better capability of handling sudden changes in external and internal factors


We propose a professional alternative to current control systems with the basic building blocks needed to make state-of-the-art control technology work on your drones. Components of our system are universally compatible with alternative systems, e.g. PX4.

Reliable drone operation requires fast and accurate state estimation. The high performance of our state estimator compared to what is currently available on the market qualifies as a product by itself. Using this improved state estimation in combination with INDI control algorithms we can ensure world class disturbance rejection. For the future we are improving our algorithms with a focus on increased fault tolerance of the drone. This is achieved by working with the latest research discoveries on flight control technology in cooperation with the TU Delft.

Our product brings the drone control system to the next level, utilizing new techniques and academic insights, we are able to create a control system which is much more stable and reliable than the current generation of control systems. Providing such a control system opens up a whole new range of possible applications for drone users.

Reliable Control System

Gain increase in performance
Most reliable control system for drones

Customized Solutions

Solutions to scalable operations and for distinct and unique problems
Flexible, compatible and easily integratable with components of existing system

Consultancy services

Expertise and consultancy services for building on the base product for further improvement and development for specific needs.

For general inquiries please use contact@dronesforwork.nl. For urgent matters, use the phone number below.

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Drones for Work B.V. is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk and the YES!Delft incubation program.